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  • Lifestyle Management

    axiphyl provides diagnostic testing, medication management, lifestyle counselling, and access to specialists

  • Paediatric Wellbeing

    axiphyl provides preventive and specialized care to prevent and manage illnesses

  • Preventive Care w/ Family history of certain Diseases

    axiphyl provides genetic testing, screenings, and lifestyle counseling to help identify and prevent the onset of these conditions

  • Home Intensive Care w/ & w/o nurse

    axiphyl have enabled to provide intensive care services at patient's home, rather than in a hospital setting

  • Advanced Care for Sports Personal for Personalized Care

    axiphyl provides necessary support and care to prevent and manage injuries, optimize performance, and maintain good overall health

Effective and efficient availability of Health care , affordable and continuum of care is AxiPHYL mantra with P4 Medicine at its core .

Delivering P4 medicine, also known as predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory medicine

healthcare model that aims to provide more effective and efficient care by using advanced technologies and data analytics.

Effective Services

axiphyl provide high-quality, safe, timely, and patient-centered care to individuals and communities.

Efficient Services

axiphyl delivery to maximizes the use of resources, minimizes waste, and achieves the best possible health outcomes for patients.

Affordable & Continuum of Services

axiphyl provide coordinated and integrated delivery of healthcare services across different levels of care, in an affordable fashion

Availability of Services

axiphyl provision healthcare services that are accessible to all individuals who need them, regardless of their geographic location, income, or other social determinants of health.

Predictive Medicine

axiphyl involves using data and technology, such as genomics and machine learning, to identify individuals at high risk for a disease, as well as to predict how a disease will progress in an individual patient.

Preventive Medicine

axiphyl involves using this information to develop strategies for preventing the onset of a disease, such as by identifying individuals at high risk and offering them preventative treatments or lifestyle changes.

Personalized Medicine

axiphyl involves tailoring treatments to the unique characteristics of each individual patient, such as by using genetic information to select the best treatment for a specific patient.

Participatory Medicine

axiphyl involves empowering patients to take an active role in their own health, such as by providing them with access to their medical records and allowing them to collaborate with their healthcare providers in decision making.

axiphyl - Smart Health Grid

Delivering Primary Healthcare, by making it available and affordable to every INDIAN.

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Smart Clinic

Smart Clinics with end-to-end primary care services, that utilizes advanced technologies to improve patient care and streamline clinical processes.

MedOnGo smart consult is a valuable resource for patients, particularly in areas with a shortage of healthcare providers or limited access to healthcare services.

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CliniSmart Kiosk

CliniSmart Kiosk have the potential to transform the healthcare industry by making it more convenient and accessible for patients. Some of the ways that health kiosks may shape the future of healthcare include:

  • Expanding access to care
  • Improving efficiency
  • Providing patient education
  • Enhancing remote care
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MedOnGo Smart Health App

MedOnGo Smart Health App is a mobile application that uses technology to help users manage their health and wellness. App provides wide range of services, including tracking fitness and exercise, monitoring vital signs and symptoms, providing medical information and resources, and connecting users to healthcare providers. App can be used to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and communicate with healthcare providers through secure messaging.

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Healthcare on Phone Call

On-call healthcare service refers to our system where healthcare providers are available to patients’ basic health assistance. Our on-call healthcare providers can be reached by phone or through an answering service, and can provide advice, treatment, or referral to an emergency room, depending on the severity of the patient's condition. We provide this service typically by primary care physicians, specialists, or hospitals, and may be used by patients who have urgent but non-life-threatening health concerns.

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CliniPort is our Healthcare delivery model through bike to transport medical personnel, equipment, and supplies to remote or hard-to-reach areas. This type of service we often deploy in areas where access to healthcare is limited, and can be an effective way to provide basic healthcare services to people in these areas.

CliniPort can also be used in urban areas where traffic congestion or lack of parking make it difficult for traditional ambulances to reach patients in a timely manner.

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Mobile Medical Unit

axiphyl Mobile medical unit (MMU) is healthcare facility that is housed in a vehicle, such as a bus or truck, and is equipped to provide basic medical services in remote or underserved areas. MMUs are typically staffed by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and technicians, and are equipped with basic medical equipment, such as examination tables, diagnostic equipment, and medical supplies.

Latest Trends in Healthcare Technology

Team axiphyl is continously explring the Technological Advancements in Healthcare Industry


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